“What I Hate About Network Marketing”

Here’s the thing, Network Marketing is not for everyone.

And to tell you the truth, most people fail at Network Marketing.


Because they don’t know what they’re doing, and they give up.

I got no problem if you’re not interested in building a business that can support you and your family.

But I do have a problem with people that say stupid shit and don’t know what their talking about.

And I want to save you from an embarrassing moment.

The more you’re against MLM, or don’t fully understand the concept, the more important this message is and the more reason why you need to read every word on this page.

Here’s the thing, over 65 million people are involved in MLM and you never know when you might meet someone that’s involved.

If you say something stupid, you could look like a fool and that could cost you a friendship, a job, a date, or an opportunity.

I want you to look cool, even if you don’t want to join my team.

Here is how MLM and a traditional company are the same.

They both have a big office.

They both have employees

Here is how they are different.

Traditional businesses, think Nike, Adidas, and Coke, pay athletes and actors stupid amounts of money to pretend that they use their products.

Where as Network Marketing companies, pay cool people like you and me to use and recommend their products.

The little guys get the money, not the rich and famous.

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever recommended a restaurant, a movie, or a product?

Of course you have, and it was probably very genuine and sincere.

Most likely you used that product yourself, liked it, and then told a few people how great it was.

That is the basics of Network Marketing.

It’s not a scam, it’s not a pyramid, it’s simply a different way of doing business.

Here is an important video for you to watch.

It will help you sort through the mass amounts of bad information out there on many topics and you will learn how to determine how to make good decisions.

Watch the video “Who’s Lying” now.

“If you want to succeed, take advice of those who have been successful”

Now look, regardless of what you decide to do, make sure you find yourself a good mentor and leader.

Don’t re-create the wheel, that’s so 3500 BC.

I don’t go around pestering people to join my Network Marketing business.

People find me, and ask to join my team and that’s the way Alphas build businesses.

I have a system that does the work for me and that’s what you will get when you join the I Get Paid to Party Team.

I had a job I hated and was stuck in the Rat Race with no alternatives.

Network marketing saved my life from 40 years in a corporate cubicle, taking orders, and spending 9 hours a day in a place I hated.

I know what it’s like to suffer and not have enough, and if you want a change , then I can help you, but you gotta help yourself first and Learn How To Become An Alpha Leader.

If you’re interested in Getting Paid to Party, then click this link and get the education you need to become successful.

And if not, that’s cool, at least you learned something and won’t say something stupid when your friend joins the next Amazon Jungle Star Berry Juice Company.

- Casey
Have Fun, Look Good, Get Paid.

P.S. Don’t ever join a juice company. It’s juice, you can get that from the store.

P.S.S. I made up the Amazon Jungle Star Berry Juice Company.