Wanderlust Music Festival – 2011

Wow, I just found this awesome Party in California!

The party’s called WANDERLUST and takes place July 28th-31st.

It’s a huge 4 day event with a super star lineup of the top Yoga Instructors in the world teaching yoga classes in the day with Rock Stars throwing down loud pumping tunes at night.

The grounds are filled with beautiful men and women enjoying nature and not wearing alot of clothing. This sounds like my kind of party :)

Wanderlust is all about being healthy, alive and free! Sounds like the 70′s all over again. SWEET!!!

Watch the Wanderlust Music Festival Highlights from 2010.

Did someone say “High on Life?”

It sounds like Moby threw down a pretty amazing set at a party that has grown 5 times since the previous year.

I am pretty stoked on going and seeing Micheal Franti and Spearhead play again. Micheal Franti is an unbelievable artists with very potent lyrics. The first time I saw him play was in New Orleans at Jazz Festival. Good times.

From what I know this is one of the first Green Parties in North America designed that way right from the start. It’s great to see our world coming around and weaving the sustainability of our planet in with celebrations and festivals.

Here is a great clip which will give you more details as to what the festival is all about.

Watch this Short Clip on What Makes Wanderlust Music and Yoga Festival Green

Here is an uplifting video clip from Shiva Rea. I like what she has to say about exercising your right to the original dance. Something I like to call PRIMAL!!!

This is a good video to watch to see how the party scene is progressing into a more harmonious way of partying.

Watch Shiva Ray at Wanderlust 2010 explain Prana Yoga

I’m thinking of organizing an “I Get Paid To Party” field trip. You interested?

Post your comments below and tell me if you’re going, want to go or if you even like this kind of eco-friendly party.

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