TomorrowLand 2012 – Music Festival Info and Sweet Videos

Hey, I just found this amazing party and thought you would enjoy it.

In this video you are going to see an amazing party that I found in Belgium. Who knew Belgium had such awesome parties?

The party is called TomorrowLand and takes place July 24-25th. I would love to have a rep go there and be a representative for I Get Paid To Party. You interested?

Check it out and see if it’s your kind of party.

This party looks so SWEEET!!!! I totally digg it.

I think the guy at 1:05 is Canadian eh? Red shirt, and fluffy snow. Definitely Canadian.

And did you see Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland dancing on the stage. Off the hook I tell you, this party is going to be off the hook…

There is a sweet shot at 2:59 from the DJ’s point of view. What a rush he must have.

“I think that festical is f$$% in the Pu$$* so f$$%ng hard. ”

Watch David Guetta Rock The Stage at TomorrowLand 2010

David Guetta’s Mom was born in Belgium and I think I saw his Dad crowd surfing around 0:39. But i could be wrong.

You gotta love David Guetta’s Music and Performances, such talent that guy has. He is a 100% Rock Star…

And Belgium is cool too.

You rock Belgium!

You are making partiers all around the world proud, keep up the good work.

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