The Happiness Factor

This video is simply awesome.

I laughed many times and I’m sure you will as well.

In this video you will learn why it’s important to be happy and how it can increase your intelligence, energy, creativity and even get a 31% boost in productivity.

It’s important that you watch this video, because it’s funny and I’m sure you will laugh…

as well as learn how to have an edge in everything you do.

For many years I have done what I call a “Happy Meditation”.

What I do, is sit quietly and relive happy moments in my life.

For example right now, think about a time when you were really, really happy.

Smile, feel how you felt at that moment.

Think of the best vacation you went on…

that time you bought your first car…

that time you surprised your friend with that amazing gift…

“It’s not the reality that shapes us, but the lense to which your brain views the world and shapes your reality. If we can change the lense you can change you life.”

Listen, the formula that says

Hard Work = Success


Success = Happy


Even I do this.

I wanted the BLACK BMW, thinking that it would make me happy.

After I accomplished that, I helped six friend earn there BMW bonus thinking that would make make me happy…

Then I wanted to hit National Director and earn a trip to Miami, and I did that.

Then I wanted….

Then I wanted….

Then I wanted….

It’s never going to end.


Only YOU make you happy.

And according to this fantastic video, you’re smarter when you’re happy first.

A powerful exercise you can do, is to be thankful or grateful for what you already have.

I’ll go first, then you go.

I’m so grateful for my amazing partner Katrina….

I’m so grateful for having clean water to drink…

I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to travel all over the world…

I’m so grateful for my all my friends and family who support me….

See it’s not so hard.

So take a moment and cherish everthing that you have and all you are thankful for.

Then when you feel good and are happy, get to work.

Go live the life of your dreams, go make it happen.


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