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Lost Mayan City of El Mirador. The Largest Pyramid Ever?

Published on Thursday By Casey Kaldal

So I thought this was pretty cool… I was looking for a cool video on Tikal, you know, the epic Mayan civilization that rocked the stage 1000 years ago or so… Tikal is a popular Ancient Mayan Civilization that resides in Guatemala, you have probably seen its famous temple that rises close to 50 meters [...]

TomorrowLand 2012 – Music Festival Info and Sweet Videos

Published on Wednesday By Casey Kaldal

Hey, I just found this amazing party and thought you would enjoy it. In this video you are going to see an amazing party that I found in Belgium. Who knew Belgium had such awesome parties? The party is called TomorrowLand and takes place July 24-25th. I would love to have a rep go there [...]

Half Throttle – Tikal Ruins

Published on Monday By Casey Kaldal

This is probably the most professional video you are ever going to see, in your life. The production value alone in the first 3 seconds is incredible. Aside from that you are going to see a couple dudes touring the Old Grand Palace and the Colossal Temple III. Yes, I said Temple III… Here is [...]