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How to keep you Dancing Legs going when the Party won’t quit.

Published on Thursday By Casey Kaldal

Hey, hope you’re doing great. I love good beats, and a pumping dance floor. If you’ve ever been to an all night dance party or a week long music festival, your legs have probably started screaming either at the party or the day after. Ideally you want to do some Movement Prep before you dance for 10 hours [...]

Got Shoulder Problems? Try this…

Published on Wednesday By Casey Kaldal

Hey Casey here, and hope you’re doing fantastic!! I have had intermittent problems with my shoulder from playing too hard. Mostly, boxing, wakeboaring, snowboarding and tumbling on the ground when I shouldn’t be. I figured I can’t be the only one, so I found a couple fantastic Ninja Training Videos for you. If you have ever had [...]