My Story of Getting Paid To Party…

In 2006 I discovered how stupid the…

“Go to School, Get a Job, Retire when you’re 65″

advice was.

I had been working my ass off up the government corporate ladder. I started at the bottom and hussled through to a senior position.

Everything was going great until my Manager told me…

“You’re working too hard, you’re making people look bad, and you should not take your job so seriously.”

It was at that moment, I knew there is a better life out there than working the 9-5 grind for 40 years.

And I challenged myself to have a better life…

And now…

  • I get paid to party
  • I don’t have or need a corporate job
  • I retired at 29
  • I have travelled the world (20 or so countries)

And I just earned myself a free BMW by promoting a challenge and having fun…

and they pay me $600 a month to drive the car!

Shortly after my conflict with “The Corporation” I was in Malaysia travelling from Singapore up to the Full Moon Party in Thailand.

You see, once I realized that climbing the “corporate ladder”…

and working for THE MAN…

was a BAD HABIT that I had escape from.

I opened my mind, to unique possibilities for earning a living.

The shift in mindset led me to become an entrepreneur, which led me to the simple but effective strategies of residual income and leverage.

These concepts are not taught in school, but if you research the rich, you’ll soon find out that they play by a different set of rules.

And I want to teach you those rules…

In fact, I want to show you exactly how I get paid to party, how I get paid to travel the world, and how I get paid to drive a Black BMW.

and it’s so simple…

All I do is promote an Awesome 90 Day Challenge, helping people and changing lives.

It all started last summer…

You see, I had been lazy all winter, and to tell you the truth, I was kinda depressed.

This is totally not my house, but this picture is way more dramatic

I got hit pretty hard when the economy tanked in 2007-2008 and it took me out of the game for a while.

My house caught on fire at the worst possible time (not like there is ever a good time for that to happen) and I had a re-occurring back injury.

I don’t mean to bitch, but life kinda sucked for a while.

I knew I needed a change, but had no idea what that might be.

Things got so bad, that it forced me once again to be open minded and find a solution to the new challenges that I now faced.

I started searching for something to get me out of my funk, when I found out about a 90 Day Challenge that was exploding in growth and helping thousands of people transform their lives.

You must watch this video, because the challenge is a great idea.

It only took me a few minutes to realize that this company is Absolutely AMAZING!

I did some research and found out this company is bullet proof.

Nothing but amazing stories, led by a super successful team of young, fun, and brilliant entrepreneurs and scientists.

I made my decisions based on my gut, and everything told me to dive right in!

I knew I had to find an outstanding team and had to do it quickly.

I wanted to work with the best.

So I simply found out who makes the most money in the company, because they will be the ones helping the most people.

I went right to the top, the very top.

And well…

I joined their team.

Jason O'Toole and Jennifer Creamer getting their one million dollar bonus in Orlando

And here’s what happened.

The first week…

I was totally jacked and motivated to work out and get in shape. I posted a status update on facebook that said…

“I’m super excited to be starting a 90 Day Challenge. I’m looking forward to gaining a few pounds of muscle and dropping some body fat.”

Two friends jumped on board with me to promote the challenge. It was so simple.

Being Recognized for hitting RD in Orlando.

Next, I naturally shared it with a few friends and of course a bunch of them jumped on board to take the challenge with me.

All of a sudden I get a check for $498 and notified that I will be getting my challenge kit for free.  (Currently I get $700 a month in free products.)

“Whoo hoo!”

I realize that this is the real deal and things are about to explode.

15 days in…

I qualified for the black BMW bonus!!

In Visalus, the second rank you achieve is Regional Director, or RD.

On average, an RD makes 1-3k a month and gets a $600 car bonus to drive a Black BMW.

What that means is, when you hit RD, you will defiantly have your mortgage or rent paid for and you will be driving a sweet Black BMW.

Also, you should definitely be getting free product, which lowers your grocery bill significantly.

Casey Kaldal, Matt Britt, and Taigh Smyth, rocking the Vitality Party in Orlando

Imagine having your house and car payment taken care of…

and that’s only the second position in the company…

and remember, I did this in about 2 weeks!

I was pretty excited to say the least…

so I fly down to Orlando for the National Success Training with my business partner Taigh, to get a better idea of what this company was all about and meet Matt Britt who is helping me build my business.

He is such a great mentor!

It was all happening so fast, and it was all so simple.

Orlando was incredible.

There’s 5000 super cool people at the event and the culture of the entire company is awesome.

It’s a vibrant, energetic crowd, that promotes health, wealth and prosperity.

and they LOVE TO PARTY and HAVE FUN…

Here is a great video on what I experienced at the National Event in Orlando Florida…

and a brief intro from Matt Britt himself and how I met him…

I get home from Orlando and I’m excited and filled with energy.

And when you jump on board, you will be excited and filled with energy as well.

Spending time with 5000 people, that all share the same vision of health, wealth and prosperity will do that to you.

The motivation and inspiration that I had from meeting such incredible people and having such a massive opportunity in front of me really turned my life around.

Finally, I felt like I had something of value that I could offer the world.

So many people right now are in need of a lifestyle change that includes less stress, more money, and better health.

The beauty of the program is that it’s so simple…

anyone can do it.

And you can make a Full Time Income, working Part-Time.

A few weeks after I get home from Orlando, Taigh qualifies for his BMW bonus, then Kathy, then Tony…

I start witnessing my friends and business partners making serious cash in this business and that’s awesome.

It’s not about the guy at the top making all the money, it’s about helping the newest person have immediate success.

The more people you help, the more you make.

It was so fun to see my friends follow in my footsteps and accomplish their goals.

When I went to Orlando there were 5000 people at the event, and I had about 20 people on my team.

90 Days later I fly to Atlanta for the next National Success Training, there are 10,000 people at the event!

Visalus doubled in size in 90 days…

And I grew my team to about a 100 promoters.

My team grew 500% in 90 days…

and they are expecting 16-20,000 at the next event in Kansas City!

Here is some of my team in Atlanta. All of us but 2 have qualified for our Car Bonus.

That's me looking out my hotel room in Atlanta. This is the 67th floor of the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere.

and we’re not slowing down at all.

My team is growing exponentially fast!

In fact, days after I get back from Atlanta, Lori Delbo qualifies for her BMW bonus and I hit National Director.

National Director, or ND, is the 3rd title in the company, and for achieving this title, Visalus is flying me down to Miami to stay in the Hilton with my amazing girlfriend Katrina! (And I get a big pay bonus!!)

How sweet is that?

The next month, Sebastian Hoffsuemmer (second from the left above pic) qualifies for his BMW bonus (He thought it would take him 2 years :) , but it only took him 3 months).

a few days later, Jason Saggo qualifies for his shiny BMW bonus, while vacationing in India.

Talk about getting paid to party!

Now I have 6 qualified Regional Directors on my team and many more that are very close to cranking out the title.

The next three months are going to be crazy…

You should jump on this wagon ASAP! Last month they gave away more than 900 BMW’s!

It’s something like one BMW every 45 minutes!

And just to clarify, someone who is qualified for a Black BMW bonus (RD) is making at least 1-3k a month in residual income, receiving a $600 bonus to drive a Black BMW and most likely is getting $200 a month in free groceries.

Click “like” if you are open minded to having your House and Car Payment taken care of and $2400 in free groceries a year.

I thought so…

Listen, there are 3 major trends happening
in the world today.

  1. The first is obesity
  2. The second is job uncertainty
  3. The third is technology and social media.

When you position yourself in front of trends, and align yourself with strategic partners, you can make a fortune.

And in Business…

Timing Is Everything!

and the time to get started on this project is right now!

When you apply leverage and residual income into your life with a business that is exploding in growth, you can set yourself and your family up for life.

The system that I am using and teaching is super simple.

All you need to be is coachable and believe that you can be successful.

The quickest way to get from where you are, to where you want to go, is to find a mentor who has done what you want to accomplish.

I used to be a slave to time and money, sitting in a cubicle hating my job and life…

and now…

well, you know the story…

Here’s what YOU need to do.

Spend 6 minutes and 2 seconds and Educate yourself on the fastest growing challenge in the world.

Watch this next Video.

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Because you need to find out exactly how I did all this so quickly, and how you can be my next success story.

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