Lost Mayan City of El Mirador. The Largest Pyramid Ever?

So I thought this was pretty cool…

I had the greatest afternoon nap here at the Grand Plaza. This is the Famous Grand Jaguar

I was looking for a cool video on Tikal, you know, the epic Mayan civilization that rocked the stage 1000 years ago or so…

Tikal is a popular Ancient Mayan Civilization that resides in Guatemala, you have probably seen its famous temple that rises close to 50 meters high. It’s a postcard favorite.

Tikal was once one of the most powerful Kingdoms of the Ancient Maya and I was stoked to go there on my 1st Mini-Retirement.

Honestly, of all the place in the world I have been to…

Tikal was the most spectacular.

Their is something about sitting on a Temple hundreds of feet in the air, overlooking thousands of acres of untouched wild jungle, listening to howler monkeys screaming at each other from miles away.

But I just learned, that their is another ancient civilization in Guatemala that has recently caught some media attention, and it’s GIGANTIC.

I have never heard of it and I have spent months over in that part of the world.

Tikal reached its peak from 200-900 AD (Hell ya for 700 years of domination), but El Mirador flourished from 600 BC all the way to 100 AD with a population over 100,000 raving and partying Mayan’s.

That’s like 2600 years ago. Cool!

Anyways… Here’s the Video, that I thought was pretty awesome.

Watch the Discovery of the 2600 Year Old Ancient Civilization of El Mirado

…apparently, El Mirado was actually discovered in the late 1920′s.

The pro’s went in 1978 but came out in 1983. 5 years in the Jungle is a long time for white boys.

Quite a bit of research and development has gone into the place since and luckily…

We got National Geographic to the Rescue.

Check out what they think it looked like.

Lets have a music festival there!!

Now that would be fun.

And to tell you the truth, for quite some time now, I have envisioned creating a place in Costa Rica to throw Off the Hook Festivals, with amazing people and music.

I’m so glad I am working on making that happen. Anyways…

Watch National Geographic and the Tombs of El Mirador.

Hike Five for Richard Hanson!

Hopefully those guys can get Full Throttling on that digging…

If your only a half-throttle kinda guy or girl then check out this half-throttle Tour of Tikal.

Full Throttle

- Casey

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