Let’s Get ‘Em

Ok, here’s my idea…

I think we need to start partying more.

Wait… It gets better. Trust me.

I think we can outsmart ‘em. To tell you the truth, I know we can outsmart ‘em.

This thing they call the “Economy”, it’s all bullshit. Person “A” gives person “B” money.

That’s the economy.

Ideally, person “B”, gives person “A” back, more value than the money was worth. That would be a Great Economy. So let’s start giving back more… and maybe watch who we’re giving our money to.

Now that we know what a Great Economy looks like, let’s get back to my idea.

My 1000 Year Business Plan.

I was recently in California, love California.

I’m from BC, and every time I go to California I get an itching to move there.

So anyways, I was visiting the Pacific Coast and the Redwood Forest back in October and became mesmerized by the beauty of the Giant Trees.

The only other time I have seen such pure, pristine, untouched nature was when I was in Costa Rica scouting out future winter homes and retreat playgrounds.

Watching a butterfly glide across the sky, I was reminded of the Movie Avatar and a million dollar idea came to me…

Of all things, it was a domain name… andSaveTrees.com


At first I realized that I should be thinking “andGrowTrees”… not save trees, because that would be reaffirming that trees are in trouble.

But, I quickly got over that, because We Do Need to Save Trees.

But here’s the thing.

I Get Paid To Party and Save Trees.

That’s me. Wow!

What an Idea!!! I’m getting excited writing this, because it blows my mind how awesome this is gonna be.

It’s Official. That’s my new Business Card!

Years ago I had this I Get Paid to Party idea, and it did really good. So good, that I retired from a good, ol, high paying, government job with benefits and a pension plan.

I was only 29.

And I was set to travel the world from Mexico to Peru and all the countries in between.

But then shit hit the fan.

My house caught on fire, the stock market drove through my portfolio like a train and didn’t pay for damages, and life starting throwing wild, right, hands … and I hate wild, right hands.

So I did exactly what you would do in my position.

I jumped on a plane and got the hell out of there!

I went and explored the beaches, jungles and mountains of Central and South America.

This was a cool spot where the Amazon Jungle met the Andes Mountains

I spent some time with a Shaman down in the Amazon (what a trip), and then caught a couple Mardi Gras Parades down in New Orleans.

I even saw the Saints win the Super Bowl in New Orleans. High Five for Shawn Payton and the onside kick!

I finished that tour off with a Couple Music Festivals, you might have heard of them? Sound Wave and Shambhala.

Shortly after Shambhala Music Festival, I took a good look at my life. I could easily, just keep partying and bouncing all around the world.

But I wanted more…

But I didn’t know what I wanted.

All I wanted before, was to retire from my job, but due to the circumstances that I just mentioned, life got in the way and I did not set a clear vision for my future after I kicked the old corporate job to the curb.

That all changed when my super sexy girlfriend, bought me a membership into a semi-private coaching club and I went to the first billionaire business bootcamp down in L.A. (Thanks Katrina)

The program is coached by Jordan Belfort, the one they call “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

If you’ve never heard of him, don’t worry. You will… Leonardo Dicaprio will be playing him in a movie theater near you soon.

Here is what I learned in L.A…

“There are two types of people.”

  1. “Those that get everything they want”
  2. “The other 95% who get nothing”

“Those who get everything they want in life are the influencers. They are the people who get a vision in their mind, then step into that vision, and go for it.”

-Jordan Belfort

I admit, I learned a few other things.

But seriously, let me tell you, this vision voodoo stuff is powerful.

So after the conference, I was armed with knowledge and confused as hell.

I didn’t have a vision. My vision should have been to take “I Get Paid to Party” to the next level, but that idea was forgotten about when life turned me upside down and beat me to the ground.

To tell you the truth, I was kinda down in the dumps for a while.

I even fell in a hole in Vilcabamba, cracked a rib and lost my soul for a bit.

But it’s all good now.

After the L.A. Meeting, I flew to San Francisco on Vigin Air, which kicks ass. If you’re going fly, fly Virgin.

Katrina picked me up in San Fran (cool girl hey?) and we slowly toured back home stopping in Mt. Shasta and the Redwoods.

Yes, the Redwoods…

and now back to my 1000 year business plan.

“Hey look, a butterfly”

Mesmerized by the beauty of the Giant Trees, my idea to Save These Forests combined with I Get Paid to Party, and my vision became crystal clear.

You see, the big Redwoods are thousands of years old and when you get the chance to visit, you’ll notice 2 interesting features.

  1. They naturally hollow out inside
  2. They grow so big that 2, 3, or 4 trees will grow into each other and form one massive natural castle.

It occurred to me, that instead of preserving the Redwoods, we should become tree farmers and learn how to grow giant trees.

Now, I realize that 1000 years is a long time to wait, but while we’re waiting, and doing good for the world, let’s throw some parties and celebrate!

If I could have a music festival anywhere, it would be deep in the Redwood Forests of California with loud thumping beats completely in harmony with trees, rivers and rope swings.

And California is on sale… Benefits of the “Bad Economy”.

So I was thinking…

Partying and travelling was the best job I ever had.

I need to do more of that…

and I need to show it to as many cool and fun people like yourself as possible.

That way you can learn how to get paid to party.

And my Vision (and this blog) was born.

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So Here’s What I Got.

I’ve been creating a stellar business system that pays people to have fun, look good and get paid.

I have created 4-Money-Magnets and 1-Cash Cow. Definitely things you want.

All the systems and tools are getting in place and it’s real exciting to see it unfold before my eyes.

What You Will Get,

My vision is to teach you how to get paid to party.

While you’re getting paid to party, I’ll help you work on your Vision, so you can make your dreams come true.

If you really dig my idea about Creating Parties in the Forest and Jungle, then you can learn how to get involved in one of our three party destinations.

  1. Canada (BC)
  2. California
  3. Costa Rica

And if not, that’s cool. I’m sure your Vision for the future is awesome as well.

What You Need To Do

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- Casey

P.S. Yes, I know. Getting paid to party sounds totally crazy. It IS totally crazy. But what can I say? It worked great for me and it worked great for others as well.

It’ll probably work great for you too. (And it’s FREE!)

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