It’s Simple, it’s Easy, it’s Coffee.

You’re about to discover the right business at the right time.

Organo Gold is at the forefront of 5 of the fastest growing industries in the world.

And YOU can capitalize on all 5 of these industries at the same time with an enjoyable and casual business. 

So sit back, grab a coffee, close your door, and turn your phone off for the next 20 minutes and enjoy this video.


Practically everyone drinks coffee or tea. This market is MASSIVE!

Half a BILLION cups of coffee are drank every day in North America Alone.

Coffee is the world’s largest traded commodity, after oil.

Specialty coffee sale are growing at a staggering 20% per year.

Organo Gold is positioned to help millions of people escape the rat race, all by simply enjoying and sharing a cup of coffee with a friend.

You deserve to be one of them!

I’m having people join my business without even watching the video, it really is that easy.

I joined without even tasting the product. I watched half the 20 minute video about and said “Let Do It!”.

It just made sense.

Take the most powerful herb on the planet and infuse it with the most widely consumed beverage on the planet.

It’s absolutely brilliant.

If you’re like most people you want a way out of the broken system of bills, mortgages, and being a slave to your job.

This is an enjoyable way to set you and your family up for life by simply enjoying time with friends and consuming a healthier beverage that you already enjoy and consume on a daily basis.

Life is not meant to be hard…

it’s meant to be easy…

and when you combine the growing trends of these 5 industries, you’re setting yourself up for some explosive business growth.

Timing is everything, and the time is now.

I highly recommend that you watch “What The Wealthy Buy on Pay Day” and “Brilliant Compensation” before starting any business.

Those 2 videos above will set the foundation of your Financial IQ.

At this point most people are pretty excited about getting started and if that’s you, welcome to the team.

Pick up the phone and call me or the person that shared this page with you.

If you’re open to learning more about the King of Herbs and the most POWERFUL mushroom on the planet, check out the videos below.

Hailed in Ancient Eastern medicine as the “Mushroom of Immortality” and the “Medicine of Kings”, Ganoderma (aka Red Reishi) has some pretty astounding health benefits.

Reishi can boost your immune system, fight cancer, ward off heart disease, calm your nerves and relieve both allergies and inflammation. It’s been used for 4000 years and in the past was reserved only for Emperors.

It truly is an amazing, natural product, with no side effects.

Organo Gold is the ONLY 100% Certified Organic Reishi on the market

Here is another excellent 3 part series on “The Power of Red Reishi”

Still need more info? Check out this guide to Reishi Mushrooms.

It’s absolutely incredible, backed by 4000 years of use.

And best of all…

it’s completely natural.

My Personal Testimonial

I’m a very healthy individual, I eat an almost 100% organic diet, I spends hundreds of dollars a month on health supplements.

I exercise and workout hard, but…

I’m an adrenalin junkie and my adrenal glands are shot,  because I consume a lot of stimulants and had a very stressful job in the past.

When I was first introduced to Organo Gold (Thank God) by my good friend and super successful business partner John Kinnear, I was trying to reduce (but failing miserable) my stimulant addiction.

I love coffee, I don’t want to give it up, so when I found out that the Reishi in the Organo Gold negates the side effects of coffee I was all in.

Organo Gold is PH balanced, it has 150 anti-oxidants, 200 minerals, and tastes absolutely AMAZING!!!


I put Organo Gold to the test.

I stopped taking all Vitamins, Minerals and Health Supplements. I stopped taking all my energy drinks, regular coffee and started to drink 4-5 cups of the Organo Gold a day.

Now let me tell you, if I drank 5 cups of regular coffee I would be a wreck, I would be irritated, have a sore stomach and feel horrible.


I feel fantastic.

I have a ton of energy, I’m sleeping better, and my mind is very calm and peaceful.

I absolutely love the Organo Gold Coffee and I’m a total coffee snob. I only drink Organic, Free Trade, Dark Roast Coffee Black, and I pay (used to pay) top dollar for it.

I know what a good cup of coffee taste like and the Organo Gold is the best I have ever tasted!

and at only 50 cents a cup this is an amazing deal.

You truly have to experience it for yourself.

This Business is one of a kind

I’ve partnered with the Organo Gold Global Team which has built teams in the hundreds of thousands of people and are truly the best of the best in the industry. If you’re looking for a very supportive team that can turn your dreams into reality, you have found us!

My last 3 business have all been super successful and allowed me to escape the rat race (I left I high paying Government job with all the benefits and bonuses) at 29 years old and travel the world extensively.

I’ve been to about 20 countries and I am ready to help thousands of other have the same success that I have seen over and over again.

But this time it’s different. Because this time it’s going to be a lot of fun and you’re actually going to enjoy building this.

Here’s What You’ll Get

You see, in the past, it’s been very hard to build these types of business.

Any business takes hard work and dedication, in fact anything that is going to make you successful in life is going to be a challenge.

But right now you have an opportunity to build a business that is centered around enjoying a cup of coffee.

It’s easy, it’s simple, and you can do it.

When you join our team and get started with us, you’re going to learn our secrets to not only building a profitable business quickly, but finding out our simple system that is enjoyable to build.

Here’s What You Need To Do

I want to share with you our simple 4 step system.

I also have a very special 30 minute presentation that you will want to watch.

So fill out the form below to get exclusive access to this 30 minute presentation and find out about our simple yet enjoyable system to living life on your terms.