How to keep you Dancing Legs going when the Party won’t quit.

Hey, hope you’re doing great.

I love good beats, and a pumping dance floor.

If you’ve ever been to an all night dance party or a week long music festival, your legs have probably started screaming either at the party or the day after.

Ideally you want to do some Movement Prep before you dance for 10 hours straight, like at a Full Moon Party or Music Festival, but you also should be doing some stretching during and after the party as well.

In this first video you’re going to learn a quick and effective stretch that you can do anywhere. It’ll help you in the gym and on the Dance Floor.

Watch this Excellent Video on Hip Flexion and External Rotation now

I can remember showing this stretch to a good friend of mine (hi Amy) at a Spectacular Festival on Vancouver island when she was complaining of hip pain. I simply found a railing and showed it to her and within minutes her hip pain disappeared. That stretch is an all time favorite of mine.

If you’re hiking or trail running out in the mountains, you can do it on logs or big rocks and if you’re at a party all you need is a ledge, railing or counter.

And don’t worry about all the technical stuff he threw at you, I have no idea what half of it meant.

My knees hurt all the time and my doctor said to deal with it and then…

My amazing girlfriend introduced to this amazing discover. Stretching….

If your knee hurts, stretch your quads. It works.

Here is an excellent quad stretch that could eliminate any knee pain you might have

Watch This Video On How To Get Rid of Knee Paid

Alright, I hope you enjoyed those 2 videos and that they keep you partying longer and harder.

As always, Look Good, and Have Fun!

- Casey

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2 Comments "How to keep you Dancing Legs going when the Party won’t quit."

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