Half Throttle – Tikal Ruins

This is probably the most professional video you are ever going to see, in your life.

The production value alone in the first 3 seconds is incredible.

Aside from that you are going to see a couple dudes touring the Old Grand Palace and the Colossal Temple III.

Yes, I said Temple III…

Here is probably the most magnificent production video ever recorded, ever.

My videos from Tikal were not this good.

Well, actually, I am just too lazy to go and find, convert and upload gigs of data, so I am using their video. Now get off my back!

but I do have a cool picture of a Tarantula…

I used to be scared of spiders…

but not after going to Central America…

Nope, only scared of Sharks, Mice, and Hair Dressers now.

I saw two big spiders over in Guatemala, this one at Tikal and another one in Guatemala when I got stranded on the Pacific and had to sleep in the Jungle.

That was a night from the Twilight Zone. I still don’t know where all those firecrackers came from. I’ll have to tell you about that another time.

I saw my third Tarantula in the Amazon Jungle at the Shamans house. Another good story.

My favorite temple was Temple II.

They did not let me go up those stairs when I was there.

Here is the view from the bottom of Temple II.

Look how small those people at the top are.

Here are the steepest stairs I have ever gone up to get to the top of this Monumental Structure.

Stairs going up to Temple II

After that big stair climb I had to have a nap.

The Grand Palace seemed like a good spot.

I took my nap right around where that crowd of people are standing. ahhh good times.

Great place for an afternoon February nap.

I was pretty thirsty after all that walking…

So my friends Wes, Gintrea (Belgium Chocolate) and Corey went and celebrated our Victories day that night

I don't drink anymore, but I used too.

Can anyone tell me what kind of Beer that is?

And what’s that red thing on my shirt?


- Casey

p.s. I ended up trading that hat to a kid in the next town for about a hundred gizzilian bracelets. wait… maybe it was only one gizzilian bracelets. Anyways… he thought a rip curl hat was the coolest thing ever, so he insisted that I trade him an arm full of bracelets that he had been carrying and was pretty excited to unload 49 cents of bracelets for me $20 cap.

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