Tiesto Music Video – “Hey Buster, what’s up with all the Wildlife?”

You’re going to love me for finding this one…

Tiesto is the first DJ to rock out on an Olympic Stage…

and apparently, “DJ Magazine” has granted Tiesto the title of “World’s No.1 DJ” for three bad ass years in a row.

In this video you’re going to hear wicked tunes and see some bad ass parties.

Make sure you hear what Tiesto has to say to rising rock stars and let me know how you feel when he hack us North Americans for our weak Party Scene.

Watch the Greatest Tiesto Music Video Ever!

That Bikini was Hot…

you gotta love fire spinners…

and Did you see the part when Tiesto handed out an autographed record of the set he just played?

Imagine how awesome that would feel to be given such a gift from a talented musician.

Pointer for future partiers, the front of the stage has benefits.

I totally agree with Tiesto about the Party Scene here in Canada and the US. We need to pick up the slack and take it to a whole new level.

“We Need to Evolve.”

We need everyone to start having more fun, looking better and getting paid for it.

All a whole culture, we need to claim back the celebrations and parties, and change our views on this multi-universe, spiraling threw space, awesome world.

Be sure to check out the wicked DJ setup starting at 15:45 and the massive party that takes place shortly after that.

…and make sure if you’re ever looking to enhance your “pizza boy resume” that you pick up some pointers from “the man”.



P.S.  That “Just Be” song makes me want to travel the world.

P.P.S.  The Olympic album is called “Parade of the Athletes”

P.P.P.S. Have you ever seen Tiesto Live? Post a comment below.

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