Good for a Laugh: Walk on the Wild Side

This is hilarious.

I found some really funny videos put out by BBC.

Watch this video now – I guarantee you will laugh within 5 seconds

“Night time, Day time…

Funny stuff. I love the dentist, he cracks me up.

and this one…so good…

That gopher calling for Allen is great.

and this one, you gotta laugh. I love the coffee part.

WTF!! is up with this next one.

Watch God Talk to Sid

“Move, no you move… move, no you move…”

One more for the road, this has some funny festival partiers.

So, Walk On The Wild Side is produced by BBC One and has been a successful comedy campaign which started in 2009. The first series had 6 episodes and the second series has had 7 episodes.

Let’s hope they keep producing these because they are great source of entertainment.

What’s you favorite funny animal? Let me know below.

I hope you, enjoyed those.

- Casey

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