Extreme Ninja Downhill Mountain Bike Racing

In this video you are going to see how a Ninja rides a bike.

This is super advanced Ninja stuff. She is not a beginner, I’m just saying.

It’s important that you watch this video because the Ninja fan took a sharp decline during the Chuck Norris era and with our help we can help support the low population of Ninjas all around the globe.

Watch a Ninja Ride a Bike

Did you see that she was wearing a suit. WTF???

I so would have ate shit when that dog came out at 0:37, how did she not bail? Oh ya, because she is Ninja, that why.

That’s a pretty sick jump at 1:12 and if you look close the two dudes at the bottom of the jump have their eyes closed. Too funny.

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I gotta say the Chileans in Valpariso, Chile sure know how to train their Ninjas.

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2 Comments "Extreme Ninja Downhill Mountain Bike Racing"

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