David Guetta the Super Hero: One Love Song and Lyrics

Alright, hope you’re doing fantastic.

If not, take a deep breath and enjoy another fantastic, uplifting music video with David Guetta featuring Estelle.

I gotta say this one would make the greatest game of Tag.

I wish I had the super hero powers that David and Estelle have in this video.

Watch “One Love” with David Guetta and see his Super Power!

You gotta love the lyrics in this one, the message is so powerful.

The ability to pick yourself up from the dirt.

My favorite line is…

“Whatever they tell you were bigger than words”

“I’ve been where you’re standing, I know how it hurts…”

“Let this be a song now and this be our day…”

“And we stand together, we’ll be okay.”

Ya man! This song is dope.

I had to watch this one a few time and really let it all sink in. People just need to fucking dance more and it’ll all be good.

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Nice car, anyone know what year that was?

Have a great day and let me know what you think of this video and what year that Camaro was.

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