90 Day Challenge: 103 Pushups

I’m always up for a challenge.

So a few weeks ago, right after I got back from Partying in Kansas City, I made a decision to step it up a notch.

If you want to succeed in life, start spending more time with successful people.

If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, start hanging out with healthy, active people.

This is one of the reasons I love going to these epic 90 Day Challenge Events.

You go to these fun parties and meet cool people who inspire you to take control of your life, both physical and financially.

I came home from Kansas City totally jacked to conquer the world.


I’ve taken the action steps to go and make it happen. (There is only so much wishing and thinking you can do. There comes a point where you actually have to work the plan and make it happen)

In the next 90 days, I plan to double my business, help a lot of others complete their goals (Earning Black BMW’s) and then I’m going to head to the Bahamas with my team to celebrate.

And I would love for you to join me!

I’ll tell you more about my business goals and how you can be heading to the Bahamas for FREE with me…

but right now…

I want to share with you my 90 Day Fitness Challenge to crank out 103 Pushups and do 300 Double Unders while dropping my Body Fat 5%.

I started my Challenge on Saturday, March 31st.

I’m going to share with you my “Plan to Succeed” and document my training and diet as I go.

If you have no idea what the Challenge is.

Read my Epic Adventure and how I got started on the 90 day challenge.

Here is a snap shot of My Plan along with my Mission, Goals and Strategies to achieve my goals.


I plan on looking incredible just in time for summer.


I will complete my mission by…

  • Cranking out a 103 Pushups
  • Doing 300 Double Unders
  • Reducing my Body Fat from 17% to 12%


The steps I will take to reach my goals will be…

  • Doing Movement Prep daily to keep my body stable and flexible
  • Doing my Max pushups once per week.
  • Sprinting once per week
  • Doing a Max Kettle bell swing once per week
  • Hitting the gym hard with full body MAX training once per week and testing my Double Unders after my workouts.
  • Spending time in nature hiking and walking and getting fresh air as often as possible.
  • Visualizing my dreams and goals daily.
  • Eating two Shakes a Day, one Cookie, two Energy Drinks, Vi-Pack and a couple heathy meals…

And I’ll take a Black, Free Trade, Organic Dark Roast Coffee with that! (I have a slight Caffeine Addiction)

I’ll be using the Body By Vi – Fit Kit plus the Core Kit for this challenge. I love those cookies and energy drinks.
I have a number of bench marks that I plan to keep track of over the next 90 Days.

Some of the things I’m going to be tracking are:

Obviously pushups and Double Unders…

but I want to see how my gains are for Kettle Bells, Military Press, Deadlift, and Leg Press…

so I will be keeping track of those exercises as well.

Let’s look at my numbers for my first week.

Might as well start with pushups.

Week 1 of My 90 Day Challenge

I was pretty ambitious in my first week.

I started with 53 Pushups, it was harder than I thought. I cranked out 16 Kettle Bell swings with my 65 Lbs bell which felt like hell pretty much after the 10th swing.

I did two insane poly-metric workouts and I even went for a short run (something I have not done in the past year or so).

I did something pretty strenuous each day and it felt good. My skipping was pretty bad as I only did 65 Double Unders. (I should be able to get to 150-200 quickly, based on what I have done in the past. It’s the last 100 I’m worried about)



65 LBS Kettle Bells16
Military Shoulder Press110 x 6
Leg Press380 x 18
Deadlifts185 x 15
Double Unders65
Weight in Pounds151.8
Body Fat17.2%

7 Days in when Saturday rolled around (Pushup Day) I felt stronger, leaner and all round fantastic.

Week 2 of My 90 Day Challenge

Week two was a lot different than week 1

I exercised a lot less. I did movement prep every morning, but skipped the 2 poly-metric workouts.




65 LBS Kettle Bells1622
Military Shoulder Press110 x 6110 x 7
Leg Press380 x 18430 x 9
Deadlifts185 x 15205 x 10
Double Unders6580
Weight in Pounds151.8151.2
Body Fat17.2%16.9


On Saturday I did 62 pushups, which was an increase of 9 over the previous week. I did 22 Kettle Bells which was up significantly, and I went and ran 40 meter sprints up at the track.


Tuesday I hit the gym hard, putting up some good numbers for the leg press and shoulder press. I was a little disappointed with my 80 Doubles. I know I can do more.

I’m not sure if I’m going to get my double on camera because I am not going to video tape everytim I do them so I wanted to include include this video just so you can see what 300 Double Unders look like.


I went for another great hike with Katrina. Maybe 5k or so.

I loved every shake and cookie I had, because they are absolutely delicious.

Week 3 of My 90 Day Challenge

I gotta admit, I was nervous for this last video.

I felt like I was a little lazy all week. I had not actually done a lot compared to the first week in terms of daily training.

If you’re training at MAX capacity, you only need to train a few days a week. It’s very easy to over train, so I went with my instinct, and trained less and ate more cookies. :)

Mmmm nutra cookies.





65 LBS Kettle Bells162225
Military Shoulder Press110 x 6110 x 7110 x 5
Leg Press380 x 18430 x 9430 x 11
Deadlifts185 x 15205 x 10210 x 14
Double Unders6580181
Weight in Pounds151.8151.2150.4
Body Fat17.2%16.916.6


On Saturday, I cranked out 69 Pushups which was fantastic.

I’m beginning to think I’m going to hit 100 way before my challenge is up. I also cranked out an extra 3 Kettle Bells from the week before. However, they were quite grueling. Next week is going to be tough for those.

Great Friday Date with the Girlfriend Katrina.

I finished that workout with some 50 meter sprints which are awesome, painful, and totally rewarding. It’s fun to run real fast sometimes!


After two days of being sore from the sprints and definitely not enough stretching or yoga I hit the gym.

I had a decent full body workout and nailed 181 Doubles, first try at the end of my workout. That felt good. My boxing coach would be proud.

So far my numbers are looking good, but the scale is not being my friend. My body fat is not going down much, because I’m eating like a horse.

I’m working on eating smaller meals, but having trouble because I am exercising so hard.


Went on another epic Hike following this river you see in the pic for about 10k round trip. One of the best parts about running your own successful business is that you can take Friday off.


Week 4 of My 90 Day Challenge

Week 4 was good and bad

My numbers in nearly everything went up. I did more pushups, more kettle bells, had an excellent workout at the gym but…

I totally binged on some organic crackers that tasted great, but were filled with fat. I have two cheat meals a week, one after I train at the gym and one when I do my pushups and sprints.

The crackers fell in between those days and I can feel the calories. I probably ate a couple thousand calories late one night watching Ted Talk.

That night is were I watched the Happiness Factor and wrote the blog post about it, so I guess it was good for something.

Late at night eating, especially Fat and Carbs are a BAD idea, if you want to look good.

Here are my numbers for week 4.






65 LBS Kettle Bells16222527
Military Shoulder Press110 x 6110 x 7110 x 5115 x 5
Leg Press380 x 18430 x 9430 x 11430 x 13
Deadlifts185 x 15205 x 10210 x 14210 x 15
Double Unders6580181171
Weight in Pounds151.8151.2150.4151
Body Fat17.2%16.916.716.9


On Saturday I dug dirt for a few hours doing some yard work then cranked out 72 Pushups.

I take back what I said last week about thinking I’m going to hit 100 easily.It’s going to be a lot of work. Kettle Bells felt like hell again.

I skipped sprints because I though I was going to play soccer…

Turned out to be a bad decision on my part as I watched the Canucks get dropped from the Playoffs in the first round by the LA Kings.


I had an excellent workout at the gym. I really thought I was going to crank out 200 doubles.

When my workout is over I do some stretching and a couple rounds of skipping. This is a new, but has been working really great. Doing 2-300 hundred doubles takes a few minutes. And while at the end of my workout, I’m thoroughly exhausted, so I only have 2 or 3 trys at a new double record.

After doing 171, I was not about to try again.

It’s all good, I’ll get it.


I had a very out of character day for me as I  helped my friend Blaine who owns a construction company roof a house. Since I typicall get up between 8:30 and 9:30 am and have leisurely mornings. Starting work at 8AM is difficult for me. I’m an entrepreneur so I don’t have to use an alarm clock.

Katrina picked me up at after lunch to go for a hike and I have been extremely sore and tired every since :)

Heavy Deadlifts at the gym and roofing a house two days later when you are sore from the deadlifts has made me extremely sore.


Listen, If you’re ready to take control of your life, take the Challenge with me. 

I would love to help you succeed with your health and fitness goals.

What ever your goals are, there is a Body By Vi Kit that can help you accomplish what it is you want.

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